Q: What class of air service do you offer?

A: We typically book clients in “international coach”  WE have contracts with NorthWest, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Eva Air. Cathay and EVA have a new class of service called extended business class which is in the business cabin but serves coach meals. We make a consorted effort to secure this service on each of our tours. Please call for particulars.

Q: Can I upgrade air accommodations?

A: Absolutely! You can upgrade to full business class or 1st class but you must call us for exact quotes as our contract does not provide for a “lock” on upgrade pricing. See prices page for approximate costs.

Q: Where do your flights depart from?

A: We currently depart from NYC and LA. but are now in the process of adding hubs at Chicago, Tampa/Orlando, Atlanta, and Dallas/Ft Worth and some others as well. Call us for details. We will also arrange to get you to one of our hubs for a nominal fair through one of our consolidators.

Q: How long is the flight to Thailand?

A: Thailand is on the other side of the world and the flight IS long! It is 13+ hours from LA. This is one reason there are very few Americans there but by the same token Thai women LOVE American men and since there are few that get there, you become a hot commodity and all the girls flock to you no matter what your outward appearance! We also try to make the air portion of the trip fun as we  always try to have a female tour leader on the flight over to introduce everyone to each other and to entertain everyone. (depends on the number of clients leaving from that departure point)

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