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The disco’s in Thailand are clubs that are much like the disco’s in the States. They play a selection of music that reflects internationally popular dance tunes, but they also tend to favor Thai artists. Even though this music will not be familiar to you, it has a great dance beat and all the girls love to dance. What makes a Thai disco better than any other country’s disco’s in the world is that THERE’S ALWAYS MANY MORE GIRLS THAN GUYS. Upwards of 6 or 7 to one and EVERY GIRL WANTS TO SNAG A FARANG! (what Thais call a Westerner)) All you have to do is say “YES” to the one you like. The reason we say it like that is because the girls HIT ON YOU! One after the other. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!



The beauty of a Disco over the beer bars or strip clubs is these girls are off work already and you don’t have to pay the establishment a bar fine to get them off work. They are there on their own time to try and pick up western men. You can walk into a disco and walk out with a girl in less than 20 minutes. Guaranteed!!! You don’t even have to buy them a drink or dance with them. It’s the biggest ego booster you will ever experience. Girls vying to get YOUR attention instead of the other way around! It doesn’t matter if you are older, overweight or wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to pick up a babe at a club in your home town. In Thailand, you will be besieged by young, beautiful girls.