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The massage facilities in Thailand are like no where else on Earth. First of all, every woman is trained in the ancient art of Thai Massage which is similar to Shiatsu techniques found in Japan. A typical Massage bar (club) will have over 100 beautiful young girls that all come out and model for the patrons while you’re having a drink or a bite to eat. You choose the girl by the name tag pinned on their uniform by number in case you can’t pronounce their name. They then proceed to take you to one of the elaborate treatment suites with Jacuzzi’s, sauna’s, massage table, and a bed. The girl will meticulously wash your body and hers then proceed to give you the most unbelievable array of physical sensations you have ever experienced by using all parts of HER body to massage your body. If you want her to do anything special, just tell her or gesture as to what you would like, and she will be glad to oblige you.





There is another unique trait to these wonderfully decadent places. If you see a girl that particularly suits your fancy, you can ask to speak with the Papa-San to take the girl of your choice for 24 hours to give you a Thai traditional massage back at your hotel or on the beach. The best part is they will guarantee you will be happy with her performance or you can come back and they will replace her at no cost during that 24 hour period.


The typical cost of a service at a facility like this is $25.00 to $30.00 for an “in house” ninety minute treatment. A twenty four hour pass for a girl costs between $50.00 and $60.00. It’s absolutely unbelievable!!! But I assure you this really is how these facilities operate! You can take the girl to your hotel for half again as much money as the “in house” cost and have her give massage for a whole day, WITH a guarantee.