Specialty Services

Thailand is a country where your dollar goes extremely far. There are two reasons for this. First is that every US dollar is equivalent to approximately 35-40 (depending on market) Thai dollars or unit of currency called the Thai “Baht”. Second is that certain items in Thailand are produced there by hand and the wages are very, very low. For example, Thailand is known for the finest silk in the world. The silk worms are farmed and the material is loomed by hand. Hence you can buy HAND TAILORED CUSTOM MADE SUITS, SHIRTS AND TIES, (for both ladies and men) in the latest fashions for NEXT TO NOTHING. We have relationships with the best tailors in Thailand and will connect you with them. Click on the link to see clothier’s brochures.

Thailand is also known for the highest quality GEMSTONES in the world (except for emeralds-Columbia holds that distinction) and labor being cheap there, they are cut and ground at a very low cost and therefore can be purchased at ridiculously low prices. For example; you can purchase a 40 carat amethyst of exceptional color, for about 1/10 of what it would cost you on Jewelers Row in NYC or Philadelphia. We have ongoing relationships with the largest jewelry and gemstone manufacturer IN THE WORLD (with more than two thousand employees) so that you get the best deals and don’t get ripped off like so many tourists do!

There are many other commodities that are available in Thailand that can be purchased at huge discounts over import stores in the states. Things like GOLD INLAID LACQUER items from nick-knacks to furnishings for your home. All kinds of 14, 18 and 24 carat gold Jewelry at huge discounts over the states. Silks in every imaginable form, like tapestries, scarves, and wall hangings. We are in excellent standing with many vendors mainly because we have resident staff that live there, speak the language, and know the culture of the vendors. This insures your purchases are not rip offs and are the best deal that can be made. We have an impeccable reputation with these vendors.

Please look through the rest of our web site, especially the FAQ’s page. If you have any questions about the Thai night life, call me or my staff at 800-568-7566.