Beer Bars

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Beer Bars are open air buildings that have as little as one bar counter, to as many as a dozen rectangular bars in a pavilion type building with a Thai kick boxing ring in the center. The Thai boxing is just like blood sport in the movies. The most awesome fights you’ve ever witnessed. Each of these Bars will have as many as 20 girls working at that particular counter with up to 4 female bartenders behind the bar. That would mean up to 250 girls in one pavilion. Each bar in the building has a different “Mama San” or Manager. The job of the girls that “work the bar” is to get you, (or anyone) passing by, to sit at that particular bar and buy a drink; and to keep you there buying drinks for yourself and the girl that hawked you into sitting down. Drinks are the only commodity in Thailand that is similar in price to other countries. They range from $1.00 to $3.00 (compare that to an average café lunch at around $2.50) The girls get a small commission for each drink you buy, usually around the equivalent of about 10-20 cents.



It is very common to walk into a pavilion with 10 bars under one roof and have a dozen girls walk up to you at the same time, all smiling their best smile, saying “PICK ME! PICK ME!” They want you to sit with them because they get a commission on the money you spend at that bar. They also will likely try and seduce you because they have another motive, and that is they are all trying to find a western husband. You get to pick the ones that most appeal to your tastes and hang out with them for a day, or a week!


The girl (or girls) will sit with you, one on one, (or two and three on one) and communicate with you in their best English. Some will speak well and others more rudimentary. All girls are taught English in school but don’t always use it a lot unless they’ve worked in the tourist industry for some time. There’s no obligation, but it is customary to buy each girl sitting with you a drink. They will also play different “Bar Games” with you that are quite fun. Most of the games are Asian in origin and they will be happy to teach you! Sort of a “break the ice thing”. If you decide you like a particular girl, you can ask her to leave, or “go off” with you. By the way… in 17 years, I have very rarely ever seen a Thai girl say no to anyone no matter what the man looked like; Young, old, fat, thin, bald, or hairy. Thai Women don’t see men the same way western women do. They look at men as mentors, always to be respected. It is part of their heritage! Sounds hokey, but it works guys! They always say, “up to you”, meaning if you want them, they want you!


I must also say that these girls are NOT PROSTITUTES! They are drink hawkers and generally are girls from the countryside that come to work in a tourist area where money is more plentiful, and they send money home to their families. They DO NOT “turn tricks”. Their goal in meeting men is to find a western husband. These girls do “go off” with guys but typically it would be once a week or so, or as much as once a month because there is so much competition.




In order for a girl to leave with you, you must compensate the owner of that bar you’re sitting at, it’s called a “Bar Fine”! It is payment for taking away an employee that brings in business (drinking customers). That fine is anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 for the night (you can negotiate several nights at a much lower rate). You pay the Mamma-San the fine, and now the girl is free to leave work for the night. She will be happy with you and will do anything you want!!! I repeat, SHE WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!! If you want her to go back to your room and boff your brains out, she will! And will want to please you anyway she can! Thai woman never say no!


If you decide you want to have sex with one of these lovely girls, Just tell her you want to make love and she will be glad to please you. If you do so, it is customary to tip her. The appropriate tip is between $10.00 and $20.00.  You don’t HAVE to tip her, but it is good etiquette to do so. It is also a good humanitarian thing to do, as many of these girls come from poor families and they send much of the money they earn to their folks.