Go-Go Bars

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The Go Go bars in all of Thailand are very similar to other strip bars all around the world. Typically there will be 50 to 100 girls on a shift that come out and pole dance. Some have better routines than others. Some clubs have all their girls on stage at the same time. Most of the women are VERY ATTRACTIVE and all have EXTRAORDINARY BODIES!



There is one thing that is indicative and unique to these night clubs and that is, there will be a hand full of girls that will do “PUSSY TRICKS”. These are tricks done with their pussies such as:

  • Open a beer bottle
  • Shoot darts from a blow gun and hit balloons on the ceiling
  • Smoke a cigar
  • Spit out a pint of beer
  • Pull out a stack of razor blades
  • Blow out candles
  • Shoot out a banana
  • Pull out a live bird
  • Stick in the fat end of a champagne bottle



Some of these clubs even have live sex with men and women and also with women and women every hour or so on a “stage set”. All of it is a site to see at least once in you lifetime. There is also another thing that distinguishes these night clubs. All the girls have a little tag on their “G” string that has their name and a number on it. Having one of these talented girls all to yourself to leave with you is as simple as asking one of the waitresses to fetch the girl with the number that you want. When she comes over, she will tell you what the bar fine is for her to leave the club. If you leave with her then she will most likely treat your “Hot Dog” with the same intensity that she treated the banana that she just shot at you from her pussy.


Typical cost for a strikingly beautiful girl to leave the strip club with you for the night will be about $25.00. The girls that are talented enough to open beer bottles with their pussy will be about $15.00 more. These women’s performances, are guaranteed by the house Mamma-San. If you aren’t happy with her personality, she will have you meet another girl without paying another bar fine.