Elephant Trekking

In Thailand, there are many land and sea activities you can do. For land activities, one of the favorite day tours is elephant trekking other wise known has elephant rides.

It is very exciting as the elephant is guided through rubber plantations and swampy narrow streams. At first it may seem intimidating looking at the elephant humongous size, let alone ride on top of it.

Suprisingly the elephants are very gentle and are well trained. They are accustomed to being around adults and children and pose no threat.

How to prepare for an elephant trek?

What are the things you should bring?

  • Make sure you have enough spare batteries for your camera as it is quite a long ride out there in the vegetation
  • It is best to bring a video camera to record your exhilarating adventure ride and share with your friends or loved ones
  • insect repellant as there will be mosquitoes in tropical plantations
  • apply plenty of sun block, in the peak season expect Krabi to be a sunny place
  • bring a golf umbrella when you are on top of the elephant there is no way to avoid the sunshine

What are the clothes you should wear?

  • loose and stretchable fabric as you will be boarding the elephant
  • wear shoes, the ride is sometimes a bit rocky
  • for ladies you might think twice about wearing skirts, it is advisable to wear bermudas or long pants
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