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Exotic Thai Vacations is a division of International Introduction Services. We are a highly organized, and very professional tour operator that specializes in taking men to Thailand for all the pleasures it has to offer. We’ve been in the business for more than a decade! Taking 3 to 4 trips per year Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall; with groups as small as 5 and as large as 51. We have something that none of our competitors have; an affiliation with a major travel agency right in downtown Bangkok. This affords us the ability to offer 4 star hotels to our clients at economy hotel prices. Beware of Thailand tour services that don’t post their phone number or never show which facilities you will stay in, as there are many groups that put you up in 2nd rate hotels with very poor service.


Caesar's Palace, Royal Grand Jomtien Palace, Montien Pattaya Hotel


Our clients are our friends! We do this tour as a group and we all become buddies in the same quest, “partying with gorgeous young Asian babes.” You will have more fun with us than you’ve ever had in your past. We make you happy so you keep cuming back for more!


We have the advantage over our competitors because we have full time staff that have lived in Thailand and speak the language for the last 20 years. We have the BEST handle on the customs, culture, laws, and all the vendors that are so often in the process of changing. Go-Go bars, massage parlors, discos, and beer bars often change ownership or go broke. Our inside knowledge of Thailand allows us to stay on top of those changes. We truly are experts in this business of male entertainment in Thailand.




Our goal is to give our clients the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME in a affordable, enjoyable, legal, and “safe sex” environment; And to provide the best customer support in the industry so we will have repeat customers for years to cum!



  • We are the only Male oriented tour service that guarantees you will be satisfied with us, AND offers trip insurance. Provided by CSA insurance companies at very modest rates.
  • We offer custom organized trips to parties as small as 5 as long as the dates don’t conflict with our regularly scheduled trips. (quotes depend on time of year and accommodations)
  • We will take females if accompanied by a male partner unlike most of our competitors.

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