Q: What is the cost for your tour? And what does it include?

A: Our standard tour package is $1495.00. (without air) This includes, 4  star  hotel accommodations for the entire trip, menu choice American breakfast each day, all bag handling, round trip transfers from Bangkok airport to Bangkok hotels plus round trip transportation to beach resorts, (does not include air transfers if beach destination is Phuket)  access to our full time concierge,  and inclusion in our nightly group partying activities with our expert tour leaders for your comfort, ease, and convenience. Plus, we also include pre-scheduled classes about an hour in length every other day, just before dinner, on how to get the most out of your trip with us.  We tell you how to avoid the pitfalls in getting all your fantasies fulfilled in the most economical and expeditious fashion. That’s part of why you go with us. We are experts in the field and keep you from getting scammed or blowing your money unwisely. With us all you have to do is show up ready to party, we do the rest.

Q: How much spending money should I bring with me for the whole trip?

A: Tough question! We say you should allocate at LEAST $500.00 for dinners, drinking, and partying with girls and such!

If you want to go hog wild, drinking like a fish, having 2 or 3 girls at a time, and have everything you can have there,  then $100.00 per day will buy you ALL THE PARTYING YOU CAN HANDLE.

Always remember to bring a credit card in case of an emergency! Or in case you see things you want to buy beyond your partying. Like custom made silk suites or Jewelry and the like!

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