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The nightlife in Thailand is wonderfully bizarre, classically outrageous, and by far unrivaled by any place on earth. We will take you to the clubs that offer you anything you want. Beer bars, Discos, Go-Go clubs, or Massage Parlors. We have filtered through all the clubs in all the resort areas and have found the best of the best for our clients. Where all your decadent dreams and desires can come true! Every Club we take you to, you will be able to saddle up to the bar, order a beer (or drink) and be surrounded by 4 – 6 beautiful, thin, smiling, petite, tanned Bi-sexual Asian women who do nothing but smile and be happy!



We have to laugh every time we bring a group back home and then see guys blowing their cash inside some dull strip club for a stupid lap dance, or at a local bar trying to pick up a chick. Just wasting their money!! There are clubs in Thailand that we will introduce you to where, for the cost of a lap dance at home, you can have a couple of beers AND one of these lovely, friendly gals, to do whatever you want to her back in your hotel room, all night long! We know it for sure!!!! We’ve done it over and over again!! We sincerely believe that once you see this wonderfully decadent place you will return with us again and again and bring your buddies too.




Please remember this…even though we take you to any aspect of dating Thai women that you request us to, we expect you to treat all of the women you meet with consideration. These women have feelings and families just like you do. They deserve to be treated the way you want people to treat you. We have good relationships with hotels, bar owners, and restaurants. You will be looked at as friends of ours and we will expect you to act accordingly.


Please look through the rest of our web site, especially the FAQ’s page. If you have any questions about the Thai night life, call me or my staff at 800-568-7566.

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