An unbelievable service that’s only found of Thailand, that we must share with you, is that while you are “beaching it”, there will be girls in white smocks, that will walk up to you while you are sunbathing, and offer you traditional Thai massage (like shiatsu) right on the beach at their work station, or right at your umbrella. Your choice! They also offer manicures and pedicures. They will rasp the calluses off of your feet and put lotion all over your body. All of these services can be had for the equivalent cost of a couple of beers each. You can even have girls cut fruit for you and sit there with you and pop it in your mouth while another fans you with palm leaves.



Even though the intent of your trip to Thailand with us will be to experience the abundance of available single women, and to possibly find an Asian girl to marry, you would be amiss if you didn’t take your date or dates with you to see some of the beautiful temples and historic icons of this extraordinary country. Or just getting out to do the exciting day trip for golf or scuba etc.



We will make arrangements for you, on a day by day basis, for you to see or do anything that you would like to do. We do strongly suggest that you don’t leave Thailand unless you have at least seen the GRAND PALACE of the King. We can also arrange for you to go with the hill tribes. We will make arrangements for you to go Windsurfing, Parasailing, or TREKKING on the back of ELEPHANTS with the hill tribes. SCUBA DIVING in some of the most impressive dive sites in the world. You can go Big Game fishing with “The Girls” you meet, in the fertile waters of the gulf of Siam. We also have affiliations with the best GOLF COUNTRY CLUBS in Thailand. For all you golf guys out there you have to play them to appreciate them. It is where all the Japanese wealthy go to golf. There is also jet skiing, parasailing, wave running, snorkeling, tubing and many other activities all at you disposal. All of these services can be booked through our full time concierge that will specifically attend our clients. The costs for these activities, we’d like to stress, are generally only about half of the cost of the same activities at any other resort area around the world, making your fun very affordable.



Please see the rest of our web site, especially the FAQ’s. If you have any questions just call me or my staff at 800-568-7566.

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