We always ask our clients to fill out a comment form and critique our performance at the end of the trip so we can continue to improve our services. We also encourage guys to write us a letter telling us their perspective on the MAN TOUR. We are proud to say we’ve NEVER had a dissatisfied customer but on the other hand, as you would suspect, most guys don’t write; However out of the hundreds of guys we’ve taken SOME guys have put pen to paper and here are a few excerpts from those that have written. We have also asked some of our loyal repeat clients to write a recommendation that will be posted here.


Here’s what some of our clients had to say about our tours…


“I have never seen anything like the night clubs that you took us to. I had one evening where I had three different women in one night, one more prettier than the next”

Ed Ashburn, Long Island NY


“I can’t believe I just spent a week at the beach and everyday I had a different girl keeping me company. I never had that much success with girls even when I was at my college spring break in Ft. Lauderdale back in ’77. You can count on me booking again with you, as soon as I get my tax refund.”

Jerry Holtz, NYC


“Your group was the most professional operation I have ever been involved with. Everything you promised was right on the money. I was skeptical about the ease at which you said I could get girls to sleep with me. Unbelievable! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. The prettiest and sweetest girls I’ve ever met! I will be spreading the word and hoping to get a group together so I can go again. Next time, for free”

Tony Delassandro, Philadelphia, PA


“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. This trip was many times more satisfying than the first one I went on with you. I will be returning with you on your Spring trip this year, as I promised two of the girls I met that I would be returning within 6 months!”

Bobby Anderson, Phoenix, AZ


“We wanted to thank you for the greatest trip in our lifetime we went on the trip with your group to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Bob and I have had all our secret dreams come true on our wonderful vacation to Thailand. The daytime activities were so much fun, the amazing views, the beaches were picture perfect and the golfing was just the right mixture of fun and difficulty. However, the nightlife can NOT be described! We have always wanted to have a threesome but never dared do it in our hometown. We went to the gogos with all the other men on our tour and watched as they each found pretty young girls to take home. Our very first night a beautiful young lady came up to us and asked us to buy her a drink. After a few drinks she was sitting at our table and we got the nerve to ask her if she would come back to the hotel – she was up on her feet in 1 second flat. Off we went to make our dreams come true. WOW! Is all I can say and YES! We will be booking again every year for a new anniversary present to ourselves.”

Cindy and Bob, Granville, OH


Dude I just wanted to let you know that I so loved my FREE trip that I am going to become a full time recruiter! I know lots of horny guys that have the extra cash to spend on your kind of trip I am like a walking, talking billboard. I just tell them how much fun I had, the girls that I had, show them a few pictures and they are sold. Maybe it has something to do with the way I look. I don’t care, I had a great free trip and got the girls that I always dreamed of. Can we go every month? hahaha

Jake Johnstone, Salisbury, MD