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Q: I’ve heard that Thailand is a dangerous place to go! Is that true?

A: Absolutely not! Bangkok is an international city the size of NYC both in area and population. Next to Singapore, it is the safest large city in the world. A lone female could be walking on the street in the worst slum in the city, falling over herself drunk, and never have to be worried about being accosted. The Thai people are a gentle people by nature. They are all devout Buddhists and it is not in their nature to physically hurt another human being.

We do recommend that you watch out for pickpockets, especially in crowded places. They are extremely good. Another problem in Thailand is consumer rip offs. It is not uncommon to be sold Gemstones that are really stained glass or other fake commodities. Apparently some Thai’s are ok with petty theft but not with any sort of violent behavior. To sum it up though, Thailand is generally much safer than most every suburb in the states.

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STD’s and AIDS:

Q: How serious is the aids problem in Thailand?

A: On a per capita basis, the same or just slightly higher than the US  according to the world health organization statistics. The highest risk if infection occurs in the northern regions of the golden triangle where the proliferation of opium poppy and heroine is obtained cheaply and iv drug use is prevalent. We do not go within 500 miles of that region.

Another risk is whore houses geared to the local Thai clientele which generally do not allow Farangs (foreigners) in. The bars and clubs we patronize are not whore houses and are not within five hundred miles of the “Golden Triangle” They are businesses that employ female hawkers to bring patrons in to buy food and drinks from that establishment. All girls that work in the BARS of the tourist industry have generally come from the countryside. They are required to carry health cards, which show they are current on their monthly STD check. If you meet a girl you like and decide to take her to your room for a roll in the hay, she will be required to leave her health/ID card with the clerk at the front desk of the hotel before she can go beyond the lobby.

One thing we will stress. Even though the risk of contracting HIV or any std for that matter is no higher in Thailand than in the US, we STRONGLY suggest that you always us condoms if you elect to engage in sexual activity. It is senseless for anyone to have sexual relations with anyone else and not use a condom. This includes everyone! People you work with, people you meet on the Internet, blind dates, even your regular sexual partner unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your partner is free of STD’s and is totally faithful to you! Please practice safe sex!

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Q: How much are drinks?

A: It varies bar to bar, but generally between 1 and 3 dollars.

Q: What will it cost to take a girl out of a bar?

A: That varies according to each establishment and how busy they are, but if you’re going to take a bar owner’s advertiser away for the night, you have to compensate them. Usually between 5 and 10 dollars. You can go to after hours clubs or disco’s where the girls are off work and it doesn’t cost anything because they are on their own time at that point.

Q: Are there lots of single women in the clubs?

A: The ratio of girls to guys is as high as 10 to 1, generally about 6 or 7 to one. You will have an unbelievable selection of women to meet and become friends with. They make it very easy for men to approach them. In fact most girls will approach you and ask you to sit with them. Competition for western men is very high.

Q: Are the bars friendly places?

A: Everywhere in Thailand is friendly! Thailand is called the land of smiles because everyone is sooooo friendly. Thai people are very sweet people by nature. Much like the Polynesians of the south pacific.

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Q: What’s the weather like in Thailand?

A: It’s Tropical! Thailand is equatorial. The warmest month is May. The coolest is November. There is only about 12 degrees F. difference between the two. The month with the most rain is July, the least is March.  No matter when you go you will have good weather and a fun time.

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Q: What can I expect as far as cleanliness?

A: Everything about the Thai people revolves around cleanliness. It’s part of their Buddhist religion. For example, it is against their religion to serve food to someone that could cause sickness, therefore even if you were to eat at the sidewalk vendors, the food and water served there would be fit for Americans to eat. Another example is, if you choose to engage in sexual activity, your partner would insist on you showering before and afterward just as they would. In short, the Thai’s are extremely meticulous when it comes to being clean.

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Q: Does a Thai girl make a good wife?

A: Absolutely they make the best wives!

Q: How well do Thai girls speak English?

A: Anywhere from fairly good to just rudimentary

Q: How can your tours help me if I am marriage minded?

A: We often (but not always) sponsor mixers with local girls all looking to snag a western husband and we take you to all the places where there are lots of single girls, all of which would love to be involved with a western man. We also will help facilitate the paperwork for you.

Q: How long does it take to bring a wife or fiancée over to the States?

A: If all the paperwork is done correctly, a fiancée visa takes about 3 months and a spousal visa takes about 5 months.

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Q: What are the main things I should remember regarding cultural differences?

A: 1) Never slander the royal family.
2) Never touch a Thai man on the head.
3) Never enter a temple with shorts, sleeveless shirt or with sandals on.
4) Thai’s don’t shake hands, they wai, which is putting hands together like praying.
a) Don’t wai anyone unless they wai you first and never wai children.
5) Don’t lose your temper or show anger, always be polite.
6) Respect elders (senior citizens).
7) Never put your feet up on a chair or table nor point your feet at someone.
All these  things are a matter of cultural respect and will be discussed at our orientation!

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Q: What about drugs in Thailand.

A: For those of you that want to experiment with Thai stick, opium or any other illegal drug, we have one thing to say, DON’T DO IT! The penalties for a foreigner with illegal drugs in Thailand is very severe. We will not have anything to do with you if you are involved in such activity. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!

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Health Care:

Q: Is healthcare available and how is the quality and cost in Thailand?

A: Healthcare is readily available and there are good hospitals there. Doctors are well educated, usually in the States or Europe, and will always speak English. With regard to legal medications, many drugs that are available only by prescription in the States are available over the counter at the local pharmacies (viagra included). If you are ill and need medication we will direct you to a Pharmacist.

Q: Do I need to get vaccinations to go to Thailand?

A: No Thailand is a developed country! Although recommendations for travel by the CDC to anywhere these days are, Hepatitis A and B and a current Tetanus booster shot.

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Why Us?

Q: Why should I choose “Exotic Thai Vacations” over the competition?

A: That is simple! We are the best! You will have more fun with us and be more satisfied with our service and accommodations for the following reasons; We actually take our clients out and party WITH them, (we don’t drop you off and let you figure it out). We have full time female tour guides and tour leaders who assist you in your desires. We are the only adult male tour operator that has the infrastructure to be able to use LUXURY hotels instead of “low end hotels” (this alone is worth using us). We guarantee our services! If you are TRULY not happy with us, we will refund the ground portion of your trip. (we cannot refund the airfare) No other tour service, anywhere,  will offer that! We are that confident in our ability to please you! You will be amazed at what you get for the cost of your trip! We pride ourselves in providing an accurate  depiction of what to expect on our tours. No hype just fact! So you know what to expect and won’t be disappointed.

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Q: What class of air service do you offer?

A: We typically book clients in “international coach”  WE have contracts with NorthWest, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Eva Air. Cathay and EVA have a new class of service called extended business class which is in the business cabin but serves coach meals. We make a consorted effort to secure this service on each of our tours. Please call for particulars.

Q: Can I upgrade air accommodations?

A: Absolutely! You can upgrade to full business class or 1st class but you must call us for exact quotes as our contract does not provide for a “lock” on upgrade pricing. See prices page for approximate costs.

Q: Where do your flights depart from?

A: We currently depart from NYC and LA. but are now in the process of adding hubs at Chicago, Tampa/Orlando, Atlanta, and Dallas/Ft Worth and some others as well. Call us for details. We will also arrange to get you to one of our hubs for a nominal fair through one of our consolidators.

Q: How long is the flight to Thailand?

A: Thailand is on the other side of the world and the flight IS long! It is 13+ hours from LA. This is one reason there are very few Americans there but by the same token Thai women LOVE American men and since there are few that get there, you become a hot commodity and all the girls flock to you no matter what your outward appearance! We also try to make the air portion of the trip fun as we  always try to have a female tour leader on the flight over to introduce everyone to each other and to entertain everyone. (depends on the number of clients leaving from that departure point)

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Dates and Schedules:

Q: What are your scheduled departure dates?

A: We have 2- 4 planned trips per year. They USUALLY depart on a Friday and return the following Sunday (10 days later) in Spring, and Fall.. We do offer custom arranged trips for groups as small as five, any time that does not conflict with our regularly scheduled trips. Call for exact dates or quotes for custom tours.

Q: Can I stay longer or depart sooner?

A: Certainly! We can arrange a longer stay either before hand or if you decide while you are there. We can also make arrangements for an early departure if necessary however there will be no refund for unused days unless it is covered under your trip insurance. We also have full time staff that remain in country for your assistance if you decide to extend your stay!

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Q: Is it hard to communicate in Thailand?

A: English is taught as standard curriculum in Thai schools so MANY PEOPLE there speak English but not everyone is fluent. You will not have any problems communicating as we have staff translators and a full time English/Thai speaking concierge to make sure there are no miss communications.

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Q: What is the unit of currency in Thailand?

A: It is called the Thai Baht. After a major economic downturn 3 years ago during the Asian financial crisis the Baht has stabilized at around 40 to 1 US dollar. Making Thailand one of the best values in the world. Twice the value of a Mexico vacation for Americans. As an example a six course dinner in a 4 star hotel restaurant would cost about $15.00. Regular dinner in a regular restaurant, $7.00. Lunch in a café, $2.50

Q: What is the best way to carry money or make exchanges of currency?

A: We recommend that you carry AMEX travelers checks because you get the best exchange rate with them as opposed to cash, plus the protection against loss or theft. You can also take your ATM card as there are ATM machines throught Thailand

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Custom Trips:

Q: How can I arrange a customized trip?

A: You call us and we can tailor anything you desire.  We will even personalize and escort a single person if you so desire. Our office has done many such programs. We have used Rolls Royce limousines, Presidential Suites, Private aircraft, and anything else you can imagine. We have politicians, celebrities, and dignitaries as well as private businessmen as our current and previous clients. We will make excursions to obscure destinations throughout Southeast Asia. Whatever your desire, we can accommodate it. Just give us a call.

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Q: What if I have to cancel my trip do I get my money back

A: If you have money on account, and an airline ticket has not been issued, and you cancel prior to 60 days before departure, we will refund all payments less a $200.00 dollar non refundable deposit. If a nonrefundable airline ticket has been issued, then the cost of the said ticket will be deducted as well, however we will forward the ticket to you with the refunded amount.  If you cancel with  forty five days or less before departure  we cannot give a refund as we have committed to the airline seat and hotel rooms.  We will however assign your spot to someone else if YOU can sell it to a buddy.

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Q: What is the cost for your tour? And what does it include?

A: Our standard tour package is $1595.00. (without air) This includes, 4  star  hotel accommodations for the entire trip, menu choice American breakfast each day, all bag handling, round trip transfers from Bangkok airport to Bangkok hotels plus round trip transportation to beach resorts, (does not include air transfers if beach destination is Phuket)  access to our full time concierge,  and inclusion in our nightly group partying activities with our expert tour leaders for your comfort, ease, and convenience. Plus, we also include pre-scheduled classes about an hour in length every other day, just before dinner, on how to get the most out of your trip with us.  We tell you how to avoid the pitfalls in getting all your fantasies fulfilled in the most economical and expeditious fashion. That’s part of why you go with us. We are experts in the field and keep you from getting scammed or blowing your money unwisely. With us all you have to do is show up ready to party, we do the rest.

Q: How much spending money should I bring with me for the whole trip?

A: Tough question! We say you should allocate at LEAST $500.00 for dinners, drinking, and partying with girls and such!

If you want to go hog wild, drinking like a fish, having 2 or 3 girls at a time, and have everything you can have there,  then $100.00 per day will buy you ALL THE PARTYING YOU CAN HANDLE.

Always remember to bring a credit card in case of an emergency! Or in case you see things you want to buy beyond your partying. Like custom made silk suites or Jewelry and the like!

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Q: What is the food like in Thailand?

A: Thailand is a developed country! You can get all cultural dishes there from Italian, to Mexican, to French, etc., etc. You will also find the usual franchises of Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, and Burger king. We suggest you try the local Thai cuisine as it is sort of a cross between Chinese and Japanese fare.  Every Thai meal can be had for literally pennies.

Q: Is the food and water safe to eat and drink.

A: Without question, the food is safe! Even the ice is made with purified water. Thai people believe that it is bad karma (or sin for lack of a better word) to serve something for consumption that would cause someone to be sick. They are extremely conscious about that! Bottled water is available everywhere and we suggest you use it only because as with all foreign countries there is certain harmless bacteria in the public water supply native to that country, that may not agree with your stomach.

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Q: What is the quality of accommodations you offer?

A: Our tour is considered a “Superior” quality tour by the international travel industry standard. The hotels we use are 3 and 4 star rated international hotels.

Q: Can I get an upgrade in accommodations?

A: We supply excellent accommodations, far better than our competitors, but there are some people who want the best of the best and we will be glad to give you quotes on 1st class airfare, 5 star hotel accommodations, private limousine service, and any other LUXURY items you may desire. We often supply these things on our custom none scheduled tours.

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Add On Options:

Q: What kind of add on options do you offer?

A: We offer extended stay options for those of you that want to stay longer than 10 days in Thailand. We also have an add on program to Phenom Phen in Cambodia, which is the most sought after tour in Southeast Asia. We are the only firm that currently has the infrastructure to SAFELY take clients to this lawless place. This is a most extraordinary tour,  but it would not be prudent to go  if you were not escorted by a firm who has solid and secure contacts in this country. We have just that! See our optional tours page to find out what this tour consists of.

Feel free to call us if you have questions that are not answered here!


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