Thai Silk Clothes

Welcome to a taste of Thailand, the land of smiles. Thai Silk Clothes are renowned around the world for their quality, durability and have adorned Kings and Queens, the rich and the famous for hundreds of years. Popularised by Jim Thompson the American ex-CIA Agent who settled in Bangkok who promoted Thai Silk Clothes around the world. Thai Silk Clothes are affordable for everyone. All visitors to Thailand are impressed by the smooth quality and feel of Thai silk material which is made into the finest silk thread by local craftspeople into Silk Suits, Shirts, Ties and Silk boxers Shorts for Men, Ladies fashion apparel, Pashmina’s, Sarong’s. Silk Pyjamas, Silk Kimono’s. Sexy Silk underwear as well as silk items for around the home, Silk Bedspreads, Silk Pillow Cases, Silk Table Cloths.

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