When you vacation in Bangkok or Pattaya, Thailand with us your dreams will come true!

  • When you leave your Bangkok hotel…BAM! There are local girls who want to meet you!
  • When you go to the Pattaya pool……..BAM! Girls are hitting on you!!!!
  • When you go into a Thailand bar……….BAM! Girls try to take you home!
  • When you go to the Pattaya beach……BAM! Girls want your attention!!

Exotic Thai Vacations caters to men (and now couples) who are seeking THE ULTIMATE EXOTIC THAILAND VACATION!

You will have it all when you vacation with us! Our 10 day Thailand exotic vacation starts in Bangkok where you will discover that having 2 or 3 Thailand girls giving you attention at one time is normal! Looking for a threesome? It is common for Bangkok women to be “BI” and will love to party with you and another girl. But that is just Bangkok! We still have Pattya to explore. Pattaya has the same hot women who will gladly do anything you desire. This is not a sex tour but you will have the privacy to experience the exotic pleasures of Thailand.

No matter what your age, race or body shape you WILL have plenty of hot 20 and 30 year old Thai women falling over you. If that isn’t enough reason to vacation in Thailand, then there are a lots of other activities for you to enjoy. Thailand has great golfing, windsailing, elephant trekking, scuba diving, fishing, trike riding along with wonderful palaces and other site seeing opportunities. Not to mention the exotic locations and views on the beach at day or night.

Our clients are our friends! We do this tour as a group and we all become buddies in the same quest, “partying with gorgeous young Asian babes.” You will have more fun with us than you’ve ever had in your past. We make you happy so you keep coming back for more! To make this dream vacation of a lifetime even sweeter, we are offering 5% off your tour price if you mention exoticthaivacations when you book.

Please see the rest of our web site, especially the FAQ’s. If you have any questions just call me or my staff at 800-568-7566.

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