Q: What is the food like in Thailand?

A: Thailand is a developed country! You can get all cultural dishes there from Italian, to Mexican, to French, etc., etc. You will also find the usual franchises of Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, and Burger king. We suggest you try the local Thai cuisine as it is sort of a cross between Chinese and Japanese fare.  Every Thai meal can be had for literally pennies.

Q: Is the food and water safe to eat and drink.

A: Without question, the food is safe! Even the ice is made with purified water. Thai people believe that it is bad karma (or sin for lack of a better word) to serve something for consumption that would cause someone to be sick. They are extremely conscious about that! Bottled water is available everywhere and we suggest you use it only because as with all foreign countries there is certain harmless bacteria in the public water supply native to that country, that may not agree with your stomach.

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