Why Us?

Q: Why should I choose “The Man Tour” over the competition?

A: That is simple! We are the best! You will have more fun with us and be more satisfied with our service and accommodations for the following reasons; We actually take our clients out and party WITH them, (we don’t drop you off and let you figure it out). We have full time female tour guides and tour leaders who assist you in your desires. We are the only adult male tour operator that has the infrastructure to be able to use LUXURY hotels instead of “low end hotels” (this alone is worth using us). We guarantee our services! If you are TRULY not happy with us, we will refund the ground portion of your trip. (we cannot refund the airfare) No other tour service, anywhere,  will offer that! We are that confident in our ability to please you! You will be amazed at what you get for the cost of your trip! We pride ourselves in providing an accurate  depiction of what to expect on our tours. No hype just fact! So you know what to expect and won’t be disappointed.

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