STD’s and AIDS

Q: How serious is the aids problem in Thailand?

A: On a per capita basis, the same or just slightly higher than the US  according to the world health organization statistics. The highest risk if infection occurs in the northern regions of the golden triangle where the proliferation of opium poppy and heroine is obtained cheaply and iv drug use is prevalent. We do not go within 500 miles of that region.

Another risk is whore houses geared to the local Thai clientele which generally do not allow Farangs (foreigners) in. The bars and clubs we patronize are not whore houses and are not within five hundred miles of the “Golden Triangle” They are businesses that employ female hawkers to bring patrons in to buy food and drinks from that establishment. All girls that work in the BARS of the tourist industry have generally come from the countryside. They are required to carry health cards, which show they are current on their monthly STD check. If you meet a girl you like and decide to take her to your room for a roll in the hay, she will be required to leave her health/ID card with the clerk at the front desk of the hotel before she can go beyond the lobby.

One thing we will stress. Even though the risk of contracting HIV or any std for that matter is no higher in Thailand than in the US, we STRONGLY suggest that you always us condoms if you elect to engage in sexual activity. It is senseless for anyone to have sexual relations with anyone else and not use a condom. This includes everyone! People you work with, people you meet on the Internet, blind dates, even your regular sexual partner unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your partner is free of STD’s and is totally faithful to you! Please practice safe sex!

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